God’s eyes

John 6:65 “Therefore, I have said to you that no one can come to me unles it has been granted to him by My Father.” We have to learn to see with the eyes of the Father. Jesus had that ability to look into the eyes of those in the crowd and see the ones that had been called out by the Father. People don’t naturally come to Young Life, or camp. God draws them to His son. When you see a kid get really excited about spiritual things when that wasn’t there last week, then you need to say to yourself, “The Father is at work!” Do you believe that you are the called person for your town, school, area that God has set there to develop and disciple the ones that He foreknew from the beginning of time? When the Rich Young Ruler walked away, was Jesus discouraged? Not at all, because he knew that the Father was calling just certain ones to be his disciples.


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