Teachers are Global Leaders

One of the most exciting happenings at the Young Life Celebration was the spotlight on teachers. Young Life brings all their staff together every four years to celebrate what God has been doing, and explore how we might reach the next million students. The on-going work in Mongolia was highlighted because that ministry started exclusively with teachers. Marty Caldwell says that they are even considering a camp just for teachers so that they can bring educators to Christ, and then have them learn to share with their students how to bring light into their darkness. The Global Leaders is a strategy to send strong leaders to college with training to be Young Life leaders. The hope is that 20-25% of these Global Leaders will end up as educators that can influence their student friends as they do contact work eight hours a day.

 International Young Life is always looking for teachers who are willing to take a leave of absence from their position in the states, and teach in an international school, or go teach English as a second language in some exotic country where Christ continues to be in the shadows for lack of leadership. Contact Kristalyn Simler ksimler@intl.younglife.org if you sense the beginning of a calling to go overseas.

 Rob Nollan experienced the thrill of being called to a new culture. He and his family accepted a call to teach school in Pinang, Malaysia, started Young Life there, and then establish a tradition of taking kids on a weekend camp to Indonesia! The Nollans now have accepted a call to be on staff in Hong Kong.

 Most of you are called to do ministry right you are, in Jerusalem. (Acts 1:8) You are living out the age old law of proximity. To be the salt of the earth, you need to be near the product that you hope to change. Salt does no good in the salt shaker. We need to get salt next to the meat so it can flavor it and preserve it. This is in the classroom!


1. Are you feeling a call by God to go oversea?

2. What would you have to change to have more impact on your students?


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