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(A guide for Young Life Area Directors for recruiting teachers as Young Life leaders in a school that already has a club, as well as starting new clubs)

It is our experience that teachers make great Young Life leaders. Not all teachers, but God has provided at least one at every school in the nation. Since they spend eight hours a day doing contact work, they have the largest opportunity to influence kids. An area director has no better resource than teachers, and cannot spend his time in any more efficient way than by recruiting teachers. “Put your best effort where you will get the most results.” Tom Peters, business guru.

This short menu is to help Area Directors recruit more teachers.
A. Finding and recruiting Christian teachers
1. Talk to some kids, and ask them which teachers are their favorites. If you know teachers, ask them which teachers, coaches or school personnel would be good Young Life leaders.
2. Once you find one teacher, call the school, give your name and find out their planning period. Call that teacher on their planning period, introduce yourself, and ask them if they have time to talk. If yes, inquire who the other teachers are that might be interested in hearing about our ministry. If no, ask them when would be a good time to talk. Or, you might just drop by after school.
3. In a new school or area, you could:
•Talk to the contacts that you already have about Christian teachers in the community.
•Call several churches that have an interest in evangelism, and ask them the names of Christian teachers in the community.
•Call the principal of the school and ask her who she would recommend for a faith based group like Young Life.
4. Ask for the teachers (or principal’s) help in setting up a meeting before or after school for 30 minutes. Ask if you can send an email to each teacher that is interested or see if the principal will do that for you. Try to talk to each teacher personally to invite them.
5. Conduct the 30 minute meeting. (see below)

B. Conducting the 30 minute meeting
1. Greet each teacher like we do club kids.
2. Do introductions and ask each teacher how long they have worked with teenagers. Add up the number of years of experience in the room. Declare that the average youth pastor serves 18 months. Who is the expert on teens? State: “You already have a ministry with your students. Young Life allows you to add proclamation to that ministry.” Get them to talk about kids.
3. It IS legal for teachers to be Young Life leaders outside of contract hours.
4. Quickly explain Young Life, then show either the shorten Every Kid video or the Living Legacy video.
5. Ask them what “jumped off the screen” from the movie. Listen.
6. Explain the 3 main points of our ministry: (1) target is disinterested students (2) method is incarnational, earning the right to be heard (3) we point to Jesus
7. “Do you think there is a need for this here?”
8. Invite them to next week’s 90 minute meeting. Here you do basic YL leader training.

C. Resources for Teachers
1. A teacher’s first question will be: “What’s your curriculum?” Translated that means, “What do I do with these students in my Wyld Life (Young Life) club?” or “How are you going to help me pull this together?”
2. Provide a calendar for the year.
3. Give them a club in a box. This will contain all the needed ingredients for club, including: overheads, skit materials, talk guide lines, and the “playbook.” (See appendix)
4. Teach them how to go to the Young Life web page. Teachers understand about this. If you train them to feed themselves, you won’t be planning every club for them.
D. Supervision and care of teachers
1. We follow up on teachers the same way we would with any other leader. They need relational caring, encouragement, and training.
2. The staff person must budget time to care for the teacher. Understanding the 80-20 rule or Pareto’s Principle, if you pour into a productive teacher, the fruit will be abundant.
3. Let teachers know their financial budget. (i.e. You have $50 a month to spend)
4. The area director can say thank you by (a) giving YL clothing (b) giving a spiritual book (c) you chose.
5. Invest in the teacher’s future with advance training and service opportunities. (Speaking at the all city club, serving on an assignment team, sending them to the Teacher Summit.)
6. Take the teacher to see good Young Life in action, even if this means a road trip.

Young Life Club in a Box
o Humor book
o Outline for a year
o Leadership 1 skits
o Handout: how to…
o Walk-on ideas
o Evaluation
o Handout: Walk-ons How to…
o Skit Bag
o Balloons
o Towels
o Drop Cloth
o Duct Tape
o Masking Tape
o Pens
o Markers
o Candy
o Giveaways
o Camp fliers
o Garbage Bags
o Bibles
o Club Cards and pens
o Screen or sheet
o Extension cord
o Power strip
o CD’s
o Sound effects
 Jock Jams
 Classical Messages
o Young Life Club message stuff
o Leadership 1 messages
o Message worksheets
o Small Bible (The Journey)
o Evaluation
o Book resources (see below)

o Ideas handout
o Handout: How to…
o Book Resources

o Overhead projector or power point
o Power point of song lyrics
o Screen or sheet
o Spiral songbook
o Song lyrics
o Vis-à-vis markers
o Handout: How to…
o Guitar strings and picks
o Transparencies
o Blank
o With lyrics Resources

o List of books
o The Jesus I Never Knew
o The Case for Christ
o Ken Gire’s books
o Max Lucado’s books
o The Word on….series
o Children’s Letters to God
o How to Thrive at Camp
o 32 Great Bible Studies
o Journey Bibles
o Journey Journals
o Basic Christianity
o HABITS Resources
o Play It


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