God Gets His Way

Loren Cunningham of YWHA shares the story about the biggest church in the world in 1840. It was the church in Hilo, Hawaii which baptised 2000 individuals a day! How did this happen? The tribes of the island were at war with each other, and there was a horrible massacre inn one of the villages. There was only one survivor who escaped into the countryside. By God’s providence, a ship captain who was a believer met this survivor and befriended him. The captain invited the man onto his ship to come to New Haven, CT. During the process, the Hawaian man met Christ, and moved into the home of the President of Yale. He became educated there and then moved back to Hilo to start the church that became the largest church in the world at that time. God gets his way, even if it costs are a village or the death on a cross.


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