Young Life pension plan

For: The Young Life staff

About: Our pension plan

Intent: To pass on learning

 As I have mentioned before, we have to live a lifestyle that allows us to put away some money for the future. Proverbs 6:6 talks of the wisdom of the ant who stores food for the future.

 Our pension puts 7% of our salary each month into the pension plan in Fidelity. (Your area is also 4% charged for the cost of keeping the plan for a total of 11% paid by your area for your pension) You can look at your paycheck stub and see in the far right corner how much is being taken out each month. Look for *PENS under the Employer Deductions. This is 7% of your base pay + housing (if you have a manse) + MileStn (this is milestone pay which is 5% of your base pay. You get this after serving 15 years on staff). According to amendments to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the individual employee must choose the mutual funds that he/she will invest in the Fidelity network. There is a good mix of funds to choose from.

 If you haven’t gone to the Fidelity net benefits website, why don’t you go take a look. Go to You must know your user name and password. If you don’t have these, simple call Fidelity at 800 835-5095, 8am-11am Eastern Time Zone. They will be glad to help you see your net benefits page, which describes where you money is invested. This side of Fidelity is what they call the Institutional side. The “other” side is the retail side, which is where they take you if you have an Individual Retirement Account. (IRA) IRAs are different than the 401(a). I will talk about these at a later time.

 Young Life’s pension committee is made up of our CFO, a representative from each of the divisions (International only has one member), one member from Properties, one member from the YLSC, and the members of the benefits committee. This group oversees the pension fund, interacts with Fidelity about changes that they would like to see, and tracks our funds.

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