Can you drink the cup?

“Most of the world’s greatest souls have been lonely.” AW Tozer

“The world is run by tired people. Fatigue is the price of leadership.” Oswald Sanders

 Can you drink the cup? Mark 10:38

As I get older, I sense that God trusts me with more. He who is faithful in small things will be given bigger things. It also seems that the tangible guidance that I got as a younger believer has been drying up. God expects us more and more to rely on our own spiritual discernment.

Leaders have to pay a price that others can’t or aren’t able to pay. For me, it has meant being away from my families on holidays, because that is when students were available for trips. The price leaders pay is not in a lump sum. The price is subtracted on a time payment plan. A new installment is required each day. When the payments cease, leadership wanes. (Sanders)

 I have a saying in my Young Life work: If it is not sacrificial, then it is not incarnational. Jesus took on a cross in order to get to Easter Sunday. Paul says in I Cor. 15:31 “I die every day.” NO CROSS – NO LEADERSHIP. We are called to sacrifice as leaders. It is lonely at the top.

 Mediocrity is the result of never getting tired or beat up. Criticism comes everyday in leadership. It is a way that God uses to sharpen the leader. Iron sharpens iron. The great leader Samuel Brengle, when criticized would thank the person. “From my heart, I thank you for the rebuke. I think I deserve it. Will you, my friend, remember me in prayer?”

 We lead to an audience of One.

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