Incarnation 6

My brother just called and said that he and his wife have begun extensive training with the Red Cross so that they will be qualified to provide needed help in a disaster like Joplin or Haiti. What a great way to spend your life! To serve others gives life meaning. I have spent 20 years in Rotary Club whose brand is “Service Above Self.” Rotary didn’t start this way in 1905, but instead as a way businessmen could market their product through relationships. However, within the first 10 years the clubs in Minneapolis and Seattle pushed for a change in philosophy. This was best expressed by Arthur Sheldon at the first Rotary National Convention when he stated, “He profits most who serves his fellow best.” Rotary evolved into a club that was service oriented not self oriented. Our lives should be the same.

The freedom that we have in Christ was not cheap but it was free. Jesus provides the open door to the Father by grace. The cost to God was too much to be counted. In Young Life, we have the expression, “It’s not incarnational unless it’s sacrificial.” Since it cost God so much to buy us back, it is going to cost us to minister to others. Craig Hooper shared how he recently went on an adventure trip with eight urban teens that he is training to become the leaders of the Hispanic community. In many ways the trip was a disaster. One girl went into a panic attack in the middle of the night, and Craig had to follow the ambulance 40 miles to a hospital in The Dalles. She was okay by the next morning, but Craig got 1 hour of sleep. The worst part was that the group stayed in tents and it rained hard for two straight days. The kids came ill prepared against the weather, and so Craig gave away every piece of protective clothing that he had to help the kids. It’s not incarnational (like Christ would do) unless it costs you something.

Is your life characterized by acts of kindness towards others who can never repay you?


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