“Don’t let what you can’t do keep you from doing what you can do.” Anonymous

“Small is a long shot.

Small is fearless.

Small works harder.

Small wins our hearts.

Win Small.

Dream Big No Matter What Your Size.”

These are the words of a commercial during the Olympic coverage by the Mini-Cooper. It is based on the David and Goliath underdog throbbing that we each have in our hearts. We like to see the little guy win. We tend to root against the Yankees because they have won more World Series than the next 3 teams combined. This is a favorite theme of Jesus, and the antithesis of what most followers of Jesus believe. We believe that making the biggest splash, and finding the biggest spotlight is the way to make a difference in the world. But Jesus avoided the spotlight, and cautioned the healed to keep a secret about their miracle. Jesus rejected the grand scheme to change the world “with armies, swords, legions of angels, and lightning bolts” (Mike Yaconelli) Spiritual people are about the small. God does the BIG if we do the small. The primary work of God is through the yeast in the dough small. We must influence those right around us with everyday faithfulness. Jesus said to leave the 99 (large) and go seek out the 1 (small). So often we think that if we can’t be Billy Graham then there is no use in playing. Wrong. Thank God for Billy Graham, but God’s plan for me and you is to make a small difference where you are. Jesus points to the woman who gives two coins in the collection box. She gave little but she gave all she had. Small wins our hearts.


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