This is well worth your time to read. Eric Scofield is a master at telling stories to prove his point!



Leaders see it, AND do something.  It doesn’t seem to matter if it is a TSA line in an airport or candles at a wedding – leaders see it, AND do something.  I have to be honest – sometimes I wish I didn’t see things, because then I wouldn’t have to do anything.

A few weeks ago I was traveling through Denver.  I was in the TSA security line awaiting my ticket and identification check.  The line was very similar to the line for Space Mountain.  It had a switch-back that made it appear you were closer than you actually were.

I noticed that there was a third place for people to go, but no one was living up there.   As the line I was in reached the front – it dispersed into two, but in actuality, it could have been three.  The two lines would need to make room…

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