$58.50 Recurring Card Purchase Blu Mbr, CLB, BLU, BLUPRO Wilmington DE Card 3018, Digital Kung Fu

I got this charge on my bank account, not on my credit card. This was not a one time charge but a recurring monthly charged. When I called to have it taken it off, my bank (Chase) said it was from a 3rd party company called Digital Kung Fu. When I Googled any of this, I got no results. So, I thought I would put it out there for others to see. This is some kind of scam that I got caught in. Luckily, my bank refunded me this charge. Watch those bank statements closely!!


25 thoughts on “$58.50 Recurring Card Purchase Blu Mbr, CLB, BLU, BLUPRO Wilmington DE Card 3018, Digital Kung Fu

  1. Tina says:

    Same here but $69.96 charges each time.
    Shows up as
    BLU MEMBER 800-250-6876 TX
    BLU 8006599284 WILMINGTON DE
    AUTO 888-3816594 SANTA MONICA CA
    and could be other names as well.

    • BILL FINN says:


  2. Joe says:

    Got off the phone with this company. Frist a $69.96 charge appeared on my CC statement in July for a fraudulent purchase at a supposed company called ONCALL . I called Chase and disputed and they did their investigation and credited my a/c with the amount. In their letter to me, they had the phone# for ONCALL. My August statement came with the same charge but this time the charging company was BLU MBR. I called Chase to dispute again, In the process of the call, I found out the balance on my statement was lower than what was given me by the automated responses. I asked customer service and found out that there was a new September charge from BLU MBR.
    I called BLU MBR spoke with someone who claimed to be Jasmine Perez. Jasmine claimed my wife had purchased a product from a company which name she could not disclose. She was readily willing to cancel the charges and ‘purchase’ and refund the charges. I asked her the name of her company, the company that writes her paycheck and she wasn’t willing to disclose that and did not disclose it. This is scam. Watch out.

  3. Eva paza says:

    Same thing here…..three months of $69.96 from blumbr. I called them any they’re refunding me ASAP all three……..I hope. I’m going to to back and look very closely at all of my statements now!

  4. rhinobryan says:

    Same Here! My mother was charged twice from “Digital Ninja”. They quickly took off the charge to her chase credit card. Makes you wonder who is leaking our information. My mother only uses that card for getting her vitamins. Period! Having taken a course in Internet Security and just becoming Cisco Certified in Networking I gave the number on the card statement a call. Total Fraud! I am almost sure the sound in the background of people working was a recording, lol. I had my Mother call chase and have them block her card and issue her a new one. No telling how many people are still getting ripped off.

  5. SaddleIT says:

    Same thing here…. charges since Feb.!! Called and they claim someone signed up for digital Kung Fu.. Right…. They are reversing the charges without any hesitation. But we will have to see if it comes through. Name on credit card morphs each month. Same amount. Be careful.

  6. kyle says:

    Just had the same thing happen to me on 2-17-14 for “digital kung fu”! The charges were from Santa Monica California, for the same 69.96 as above…customer service number listed was more than willing to “refund” my purchase so i’m hoping it goes through. as soon as the money is refunded i’m getting a new card to ensure this doesn’t happen again. this is a card i RARELY use too!

  7. Bill Schuler says:

    This is what mine looked like from May 2013 until yesterday when I noticed it. All for $69.96 The phone rep said it was from http://www.digitalchocolate.com/ for an online game called “Digital Kung-fu”. They could only refund 3 charges and said the others were too long ago. Will be following up with my bank for an investigation:

    8777501919 RECSAVE 877-7501919 WAUS
    MBR 8006182953 800-6182953 DEUS
    MEMBER*800 579 1858 800-5791858 FLUS
    BLU**800-659-9284 800-6599284 DEUS
    MEMBER*800 579 1858 800-5791858 FLUS
    800-541-0719*MEDICSV 800-541-0719 CAUS

  8. Beth Ann R. says:

    This is exactly what happened. Jan 16 charge ONCALL 800-631-6754 for $69.96, called got credit, next month another charge BLU MBR 800-618-2953 for $69.96. Would not give me the name of the Company who was their employer. Just that they were a third party billing Company and could not provide me with the information. When I told them I would be calling the US Attorney they hung up. I called the CC fraud department and they are handling.

    • BILL FINN says:

      Hi Beth…I had the same issue………couldn’t get to the bottom of it……my bank had me cancel my card immediately. This happened to me more than once….actually 5 or 6 times in the past three months. But it wasn’t my credit card, it was my local bank card.

  9. Tammy says:

    This just happened to me — a monthly recurring charge of $69.96 for BLUEMBR. I called BLUEMBR 800-266-7507 and they informed me that they represent a lot of companies and couldn’t tell me which one. They informed me that they credited my account for the two months they charged me (prior month and current month) and gave me the transaction codes. I immediately called my CC fraud department.

  10. Cathy Scott says:

    Wow same thing here! 3 months of charges all for $69.96. The name morphs each month. So far CLB BLU, BLUPRO, BLU MBR. I had to close the card they were using and file a fraud claim with my bank. Hopefully they will refund my money. What a pain in the arse.

  11. Amy Shuford says:

    did anybody actually get a refund from this fake company? i got the same shit and they said they were refunding me but was wondering if they actually will give the money back.

    • donstuber says:

      I got my money refunded back into my bank account. However, 4 months later they charged me again, so I had to call again. Again, my money was refunded.

      • donstuber says:

        One of the reasons that I am paying each year to keep this blog site, is so that people can Google any of these names and get a response.

  12. Claudette Watson says:

    I received a $69.95 for the last four months before I happen to question the charges. I called the credit card company and they cancelled my card and reissued a new card.

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  14. Colton says:

    Same thing happened to me. Recurring charge of 69.96 from January 2014 to Nov 2014. I’m an idiot for not catching this sooner, I need to watch this stuff closer. The charge was from Visa CLB BLU 800 219 9604,DEN SAVE 800 921 4392. I called both numbers and the same lady answered. She talked too fast to get her name but she claimed she was from a 3rd party customer service company but wouldn’t give me the name of the company she was with or the company the company that was charging me. She was willing to stop the payment but I didn’t believe it was legitimate. I called the bank and they are resolving the charges and card.

    • Gary says:

      Just got off the phone from citi bank, had the same thing happen, ($69.96) including the idiot part, since mar 2014. I think this is from the Target Hack. Citi Bank was more than great helping resolve the issue. Many Many thanks…

  15. Stephen says:

    Thanks for posting this, Don. This was the only thing I could find on the internet describing this scam. I’m calling the bank right after this to remove the charges. It’s wierd, first 2 charges for about $6.xx, then about 2 weeks later I was charged $79.29 and $89.96! One from Miami, one from Wilmington, DE. I do check my account regularly, so I caught this. Those smaller charges were probably ‘testers’. Y’all watch for that!

  16. Stephen says:

    Everybody, I think I have gotten to the bottom of this! I found my receipt from the packing list of some weight loss supplements I bought for $9.75. back in 2/21/2015. My bank statement shows that on 2/23 there were 2 separate transactions, one for $4.86, one for $4.89. Well, I’ll BE! That equals $9.75. So I DID order something, but as the fraud people tell me, there is some fine print in the ‘free samples’ that I had purchased. If you do not STOP the ‘membership’, you will be paying every month!! Bastards! This is legal? Well, after an hour on the phone with my bank, we disputed this and it’s not over yet. Apparently I agreed to this ??!!! Please everyone, be extremely careful ordering online. Nothing is FREE. I paid for the S/H of these 2 products. That is all I wanted. I haven’t received anything else for the $79 and $89 per MONTH that is being charged! I have a couple numbers of this divisive company and their illegal marketing tactic. Made Healthy: 1-844-438-6233, and as above, CLB BLU 800 219 9604,DEN SAVE 800 921 4392.

  17. Debbie Kehring says:

    Could someone please forward me a working phone number for thesr scam artists as the number I have doesn’t accept incoming calls, go figure. and I want my $89.96 BACK THANK YOU

  18. I just got the same thing March 3 ,2017 . Some one needs to go after this company or shame Company. 89.98 this is “wrong.”

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