Good is good, all the time.

“I am the Good Shepherd… I lay down my life for the sheep.” John 10:14

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8

When adversity strikes and the wolves are circling in for the kill, it is really easy to feel sorry for yourself, get angry at some innocent person, and blame God for these troubles. Why doesn’t He protect his children? We do not see the many times that He does cover us from harm. Amy Grant sings about “angels watching over me.” Jesus promised that adversity would come. “In the world you have tribulation. Take courage, I have overcome the world.” For me, this is the key to overcoming the temptation to doubt God’s goodness. Take my eyes off myself and onto Jesus. Easy to do. Hard to do.

If you were sold a bill of goods that God will bless you for following Him, and make the path straight and easy, then you need to read more of the Bible. Did Moses have problems? Did David have an easy time of it? How did it work out for John the Baptist? Then there was Jesus and Good Friday. It is easy to doubt that God is good when things go south. This is one of the favorite tricks of the enemy- to tempt you to believe that God is not good or not strong enough to help you in your trials. The heart of all heresies starts with a wrong view of God. (Tozer)

Prescription #2 (Number 1 was taking my eyes off me and onto Jesus): Find the Good. Give thanks to the Father for everything in your life that blesses you. Roses. Children. Food. A heart that keeps pumping. Wounds that heal. Shakespeare: “What wound did ever heal but by degrees?” Ann Voskamp writes about 1000 gifts, when she was feeling some of the weight that we all feel to doubt God, and she started writing down all the gifts that she saw from God’s hands. She didn’t stop when she reached 1000! It changed her for eternity.

Finally, Bill Johnson has said, “If your situation is not good, then God is not finished yet.” He didn’t leave Jesus in the grave. He will keep using the materials of your circumstance to build the new you, and your new world. This too will end.


One thought on “Good is good, all the time.

  1. Beautiful, and from the heart, I know. Thanks for this, Don.

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