“Content makes poor men rich. Discontent makes rich men poor.” Ben Franklin
“Godliness with contentment is great gain.” I Timothy 6:6-10
I wish I were more content. I am not content with my lack of contentment. I have watched my Mom teach me contentment. Every time that I visit her in her retirement home, she exclaims, “This is the perfect place for me. I am so happy here.” She has been saying the same thing for 104 years. She has trained herself to find the good. When she lost her husband, when she lost her ability to drive, and play bridge, she kept her contentment. She looks for the sunny side of the street and finds it.
Comparing is one sure way of destroying your ability to be satisfied. When we compare ourselves to others, we ALWAYS compare the trait that we are weak in to someone that has that trait as a strength. ALWAYS. When someone compliments you on your strong characteristic, you simple laugh it off and say, “That is really easy and simple.” It is not simple to the person who does not have that quality!
But you can get better at anything that you set your mind and attitude to improve. For contentment, I have started to look for the good in things. I try to write for ten minutes on anything that I find beautiful and excellent. This draws out of me a strength that has lain dormant for lack of use. I believe we each have hidden qualities that only come out when we take on a task that is beyond our abilities. God seems to stretch me when I step out in faith to attempt the impossible. When I sit in my comfort zone, and only do what I am good at, then these dormant qualities sleep quietly below the surface. But take on a battle of David and Goliath proportions, and (1) God shows up and (2) hidden powers rise to the surface. Live in the comfort zone and you never develop these sleepy powers.
Be content in what God has given you and also work towards widening those skill sets you need to make the world different.


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