A dream about The Dream.

Woke up with a dream at being at a YL Celebration. The joy of being with people who knew that they had changed the world that they lived in. It’s like we are a boat plowing through the water and we leave behind us this wake of people who lives will never be the same. And yet we move on to the next class, and those behind are left bobbing in the wake that was your life’s purpose effecting their future, including their eternal future. In this dream, I met Tom and Kathy Temple at the YL celebration. They were so happy to see me, but more, I was so happy to catch up with them. For once they had graduated from SM WEST, I have never seen them again. At this celebration, I was suppose to meet a staff person from across the country that I didn’t know, and I missed that appointment because it was so important to me to be with the Temples. They were the reason that I was put on earth. I took time to apologize to the staff person, but this is an analogy. The people that I disappoint because I am with the Temples, will just have to get over it. What joy to see the rest of the life that God had planned for people that we touch. The point is that we don’t get to see the rest of the story. Only in heaven do we see the rest of the story. Jesus calls us to touch the life that is in front of us, and be Jesus to them, and then we are off to the next thing. Oh, the joy when we get to stay in touch and know the rest of the story. And you get this if you are lucky enough to get to stay in the same town or city. But some are asked to move on like Abraham and we follow the call of God. And the wake goes on and we are joyful because we know that we are making an eternal difference. In the dream, Tom and Kathy and I were climbing stairs to go spend time together, and even there we got separated, because she had to stop for a call that said her kids were awakened. And there was just a glimpse, and I was on the ground playing with their kids for just a short space of time, and then whoosh it was all gone and I woke up. Find the GOOD: sure there are the bumps in the road, but know and enjoy the big picture.


One thought on “A dream about The Dream.

  1. Oh my goodness, Don, what a gift to you and to all of us! I am printing this one off to keep as a reminder. I think you just rejuvenated me!

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