Spy Hunter 2, Podbean Subscription, and X-Box Live. Canceling subscriptions
My grandson got ahold of my PayPal account and bought some subscriptions that are self-renewing. They keep charging you in 6 month or 12 month cycles. These must be canceled by you or they keep charging your cc or your Pay Pal or sometimes your bank account. Here’s how to stop the pain:
In order to stop a subscription to Spy Hunter 2, follow these instructions
If you require assistance with your purchased product(s), please visit the Enigma Software Group Support Center at http://www.enigmasoftware.com/support or contact Enigma Software Group at support@enigmasoftware.com.

They will be able to help you with the following:
* Software support
* Installation questions
* Upgrades
* General questions specific to the items you ordered
* Shipping questions
* Returns and/or Refunds
* Product activation

If you have problems DOWNLOADING SpyHunter, please call 1-800-999-2734 (+1-952-646-5288 if outside of the United States and Canada). Please have your order number ready when you call. Enigma Software Group USA, LLC
2643 Gulf to Bay Blvd.
Suite 1560 #446
Clearwater, FL 33759

If you have a subscription payments on your Pay Pal account and want to cancel them, follow these instructions:
You can cancel a billing agreement at any time. Here’s how:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Profile.
3. Click My Money.
4. Click Update beside “My pre-approved payments.”
5. Click the merchant name for the billing agreement you want to cancel.
6. Click Cancel.

Hope this helps you. Please add anything that you have learned about this as a comment, and we can learn from each other.

Spy Hunter 2, Podbean Subscription, and X-Box Live. Canceling subscriptions


Hands Up. Don’t Shoot.

Genesis 32:24: “But Jacob stayed behind by himself, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak.”

This tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri reminds me of our own struggles with the Almighty God. We are clearly outgunned when it comes to the Eternal One, but through persistence we can win the day. Jacob was able to wrestle with the Lord all night long because of the loving kindness of the Lord. At any moment, the battle could have ended. Was this arm in arm wrestling something that Jesus enjoyed? From afar, it would look like an extended hug. It is only the tenderness in Jesus that we find answers to our wrestling with God. Why did you not heal my Dad? Why is that marriage not working? You told me to move here, why all this pain?
A hospice chaplain tells of a patient who needed to see him because he was in great emotional distress. He was in the last stages of cancer and was feeling very guilty because he had spent the previous night ranting, raving and swearing at God. The following morning he felt dreadful. He imagined that his chance of eternal life had now been lost forever, and that God would never forgive one who had so cursed and abused Him. The chaplain asked the patient, “What do you think is the opposite of love?” The man replied: “Hate.”
Very wisely, the chaplain replied, “No the opposite of love is indifference. You have not been indifferent to God, or you would never have spent the night talking to him, honestly telling him what was in your heart and mind. Do you know the Christian word that describes what you have been doing? The word is ‘prayer’. You have spent the night praying.” (As quoted by Phillip Yancey in Prayer: Does It Make a Difference? page 100)
There are no good answers to the mess in Ferguson. For our own unanswered prayers the answer is NOT to stop praying, or stop having faith in a God that would allow this. It is to imitate Jacob (who got a new name which translates to “God-wrestler”) and say to God, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” But we may go through the rest of our lives with a limp.

The Solution (for me) to the Problems of Prayer

There are certainly problems with prayer: Why pray when God already knows all about that situation? “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” Why thank God when He doesn’t need the affirmation? If prayer is a conversation with a friend, how come I seldom have a two way dialogue? How about unanswered prayer? There are many problems, but I watch how Jesus would pray and that Jesus did pray to His Father, and that is enough for me.

The following passage from Phillip Yancey’s book Prayer really helped me: “God already cares for the things we pray about…He has simply been waiting for us to care about them with Him. When we pray, we stand by God and look with Him towards those people and problems.”

This analogy of standing by God’s side and looking at the situations of our life side by side is revolutionary for me. Before, I saw myself praying at some altar and God was above me. In my mind, we were separated. Another analogy that I have used, is that of sitting in the Father’s lap. There is no separation in this calming view, but it’s a very dependent view of our relationship with God, much like a baby or child being comforted. There are times where this works.

Yancey’s prose has God and I together looking at a person or problem that God already cares about. I am not trying to get a reluctant God to make a cosmic change in Gaza or in my next jumpstart. Together, we are caring about this situation, and I have moved from a servant to a friend. Together, God and I face this day, walking arm in arm.

Strut Your Real Stuff

“But when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites…for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men.” Matthew 6:5

I  have a distinct memory of my childhood. We were in church and two rows forward was a cute, four-year old girl standing next to her mother in the pew. It was before the service had started and she was smiling and waving at the people behind her. Her mom abruptly sat her down and said, “We’re in church!” The little girl started to cry, and the mother said, “That’s better.”

This still disturbs me. Why do we “dress up” for church? To be seen by men? Why do we sit up straight and act good? Does God care? God doesn’t care. He sees us the other 167 hours of the week. He knows we aren’t good and doesn’t want us to come shined up for inspection. He loves us just the way we are.

Church should be an extension of the rest of the week, where we honor God and put Him first. We must make “Sunday go to meeting” a “come as you really are” time. We are there to meet with our God who cleanses us, forgives us and strengthens us for the battle ahead. On our right and left are fellow soldiers who have been nicked and wounded in the fight we call life. To come to this healing service with a mask on delights the enemy. Masks prevent us from coming alongside of one another, praying for each other and joining together against the common foe.

There were a million things God could have said to Moses when he passed by him in Exodus 34:6-7. Notice and meditate on what He DID say: “As God passed in front of Moses, He said: “I am the Lord, the Lord. I am a God who is tender and kind. I am gracious. I am slow to get angry. I am faithful and full of love. I continue to show my love to 1000’s. I forgive those who do evil. I forgive those who refuse to obey. I forgive those who sin.”

Church is for sinners who need a Savior, not for the sanctified who want to show off their stuff.


Gratitude Thank you, God, for little things That often come our way. The things we take for granted but don’t mention when we pray. The unexpected courtesy, the thoughtful, kindly deed. A hand reached out to help us in the time of sudden need. Oh make us more aware, dear God, of little daily graces. […]

Waiting = Strength

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

“To approach God with only an incessant stream of words is a filibuster, not prayer.” Howard Macy

Everyone who wants to renew your strength, raise your hand. Everyone wants to renew their strength. People use vitamins, Gold’s Gym, yoga, and personal trainers to revitalize their lives.

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

The opposite of waiting upon the Lord is running on your own strategies and energy: success is dependent on your brilliance. This is very, very, very fatiguing. It saps your strength. You are always on stage. The spotlight shines brightly. The worst part of this opposite way is that it gives temporary, temporal, fading results.

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

How does this program work? You wait. “We consciously carve out an inner space of yielded tranquility. We hush the insistent noises of our hearts. In waiting we become wise enough to reject “staying busy” as a goal in life and learn how better to spend our energies. ” (Macy in Rhythms of the Inner Life)

You don’t start on a project until you hear God’s direction on which way to go. You seek His will, not your own. “Trust in the Lord will all your heart, and do not lean upon your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3: 5-6. You continue to work hard on the last thing you heard Him say, but the new project is put on hold until you have finished the first step: wait upon the Lord for His plan.

This renews our strength because the results are lasting, eternal and Kingdom focused. Also, perhaps God only renews the strength of those who are running the path He has set. The ones who are running on the wrong path, God wants them to run out of gas!


Hide & Seek

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.  Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

One of my favorite games as a child was Hide & Seek. The fun for me was finding a place where no one could find me: under the boughs of the great Blue Spruce, behind the trash cans for up the oak tree. I was disappointed when I was found.

God continually seeks the hiding, and hides from the seeker. It’s a paradox. We hide in some great places: business, technology, even in our devotions. God does need some help from us. Spiritual receptivity is knowing enough to look for Him in all places, and to realize that He is looking for us. This “finding God” is a talent and can be increased with practice or lost by neglect.

It is not enough to read your Bible. We seek not to know the Bible, but God! Open your eyes and see Him in the everyday, as well as in the Scriptures. Sharpen this skill of knowing God.

If it has been a long while since you have experienced God, then change some disciplines, tighten down your spiritual habits, meet some new people. Just as a child who grows up without adults ends up with a social handicap, the follower of Christ who is isolated from the body has no hope of developing a full understand of the One who is “seeker of his soul.”