Transforming Towns By Transforming Teens

Transforming Towns By Transforming Teens

Did you know about Young Life in small towns….?

•Lots of small town clubs have more than 50% of the school attend club?
•Of the 250 poorest counties in America, 244 of them are located in rural areas?
•A child raised in rural America is twice as likely to need special education as his  counterpart in the inner city.
•Students over age 12 in south center Wyoming have the highest rate of alcohol abuse in the nation?
*Small town teens see a friend once a week driving a tractor down Main Street?
•That many rural Regional Directors will drive 4 hours to be at a 2 hour meeting that accelerates Young Life’s growth?
•Bellville, Texas has a population of 4133 and a Young Life budget of $165,000?
•The crime rate of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (812 people, many more cattle) went down significantly after the Young Life ministry started?
•That the positive influence of the Young Life ministry has a “ripple effect” on the whole small town?
•Did you know that the FIRST ever Young Life High School club for Vermillion, SD was held with 45 kids in attendance – that is 10% of the high school at their first club!
•Did you know that the pizza place in Corvallis, Montana, the one and only hang-out spot for kids in that small town, has closed down…but is now being reopened (thanks to the generosity of the building’s owners) as a Young Life facility, serving up free pizza and Jesus to local teens?
•Did you know that staff and volunteer leaders of rural towns drive 20-30 miles each week to provide ministry to the near by rural town?
•Dalton High School near Wooster, OH has had continuous Young Life since 1975, and they get to show the camp videos in classrooms, study halls, and the lunch room during school.
•Some small towns in Alaska pay more for transportation than they do for camp?
•Did you know that leaders drive two hours picking up rural teens to attend a morning campaigners which begins at 7:20 AM?
•Principals in small schools still invite Young Life to do general assemblies?
•Did you know that there is probably a Christian teacher at a small town school that has a network that can start a YL or Wyld Life club in a small town near you?
•Younger couples are moving to rural areas to raise a family and are a great resource to start a YL ministry?
•In small towns, Young Life matters to the entire school whether or not everyone attends weekly clubs. In places like Delta, Colorado every teen knows we are here and at least an idea that we are here for them.
•Did you know that the small town of Cle Elum-Roslyn, WA, (population 2772) sent 89 kids and leaders to camp this past summer?
•Kids from one village in Alaska last summer planned to take 4-wheeler Hondas from their house to the dirt bush plane runway, take a small plane to the village downriver where 15-seater planes fly to Anchorage 300 miles away, then join up with the rest of their YL group on an Alaska Air jet to Seattle, then get on a bus, then a BC ferry, then back on the bus, then on the Malibu Princess and finally arrive at Malibu for the greatest week of their life. The only problem was the weather was too windy and foggy for the first leg of their journey, the plane out of their village was grounded and there are no roads between villages! So they threw their luggage in a 12-ft skiff (small, open boat) and motored 40 miles downriver to catch the plane to Anchorage! Four-wheeler, bush plane, jet, bus, ferry, bus, Malibu Princess…and then camp really begins!


God’s eyes

John 6:65 “Therefore, I have said to you that no one can come to me unles it has been granted to him by My Father.” We have to learn to see with the eyes of the Father. Jesus had that ability to look into the eyes of those in the crowd and see the ones that had been called out by the Father. People don’t naturally come to Young Life, or camp. God draws them to His son. When you see a kid get really excited about spiritual things when that wasn’t there last week, then you need to say to yourself, “The Father is at work!” Do you believe that you are the called person for your town, school, area that God has set there to develop and disciple the ones that He foreknew from the beginning of time? When the Rich Young Ruler walked away, was Jesus discouraged? Not at all, because he knew that the Father was calling just certain ones to be his disciples.