Frequent Flyer Miles Expired


I got a letter in the mail saying that my frequent flyer miles were expiring, and did I want to buy some magazines with the expiring miles?

This led me to the discovery that the airlines have come up with a policy that if you don’t have activity in your mileage account, then they expire your miles. No letter, no email, no communication. I lost 40.000 miles on Delta, and 58,000 miles on American Airlines. It is like they stole $400 from me on each of these expiration.

Here’s what you can do: Check your FF mileage accounts and see when they expire. You have several options if you catch your airlines BEFORE they expire your miles. One option is to give miles to your spouse. By doing this, then you extend the expiration date by 18 months on both accounts. But this option costs you either $15 or $30 depending on the airlines. Or for free you can donate some miles to a charity and this also extends your account for 18 months for each account that donates.  Or, if you fly on that particular airlines, then the expiration date is pushed back for 18 months.

If you discover that your miles have already expired with an airlines that you haven’t flown recently, then your option is to buy them back. All airlines have a different policy here and what it costs to buy them back. Go to your FF account and click on “earn miles” and they will show this option.